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IDEAS & LIFE experiences that we want to share with you, Because we care.

Conscious growth and accepting myself with my own limits has been the central focus of my life for many years. We, at Nature Connexion, are passionate about the natural world, philosophy and personal development. We want to share with you magic facts and stories about the African wilderness. We want to inspire, encourage, and support you on your own path of growth & reconnection to nature through ideas & tools that you’ll be able to use for your wellbeing and inner balance. 

Care with benevolence – Connect with joy – Love unconditionally – Share generously – Experience, learn, make mistakes, grow, and thrive – With creativity and a glowing energy,  serve your higher purpose.

Natacha Wauquiez


One of my favourite authors and source of inspiration is the philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti.

His reflections have never been more relevant than they are today and we wanted to share those wise and profound words with you…

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Natacha Wauquiez

How your Travel Experience Impacts the World Positively

Our world is in an undeniable climate crisis and we all need to play an active role in limiting the damage of climate change. Carbon emissions have been attributed as a major influence on climate change and we need to curb our emissions to save our natural world.

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Natacha Wauquiez

Why Walking in Nature is the First Step Back to Connexion

In our fast-paced and increasingly digital world, taking the time to simply walk in nature has become a rare activity. 
Perhaps as a child you walked in the woods or sometimes played in a park. As a teenager, you may have been encouraged to spend time outside in the schoolyard.

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Natacha Wauquiez


At Nature Connexion, we are fond of Ed Wilson, eminent biologist and naturalist, and his valuable contribution to the scientific world. He authored 30 books and more than 300 scientific papers, and twice won the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction…

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Natacha Wauquiez

Facts about dandelions

I have always been passionate about the natural world, animals, and all living beings since I was a little girl. I fondly remember raising hedgehogs, birds, and even toads in my parents garage…

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relaxing cool down in the water
Natacha Wauquiez

Are you grounded ?

One of the challenges that many people are struggling with, especially over the past 18 months, is to be grounded. Being grounded means being mentally and emotionally stable, and living in the present moment…

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Natacha Wauquiez

Introducing Nature Connexion

Hello all, I’m Natacha ! Tourism is reigniting and we are excited to be launching our collection of ecologically conscious retreats and workshops in the great wilderness areas of Southern Africa.

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