Upcoming Journeys

Upcoming Journeys

Join us on an African adventure !

Our upcoming tailor-made experiences centre around a true nature connexion combined with personal development, physical activities,
eco-psychology, alternative therapies, healing modalities, and more…

Are you a group of friends or a facilitator keen to create your dream retreat or workshop ? 

- Workshop 5 to 7 days -

In the Shoes of a Field Guide

A holistic learning & understanding of what it is to be a field guide in Africa, mentored by highly skilled trainers from one of the leading Field Guiding Training schools in Southern Africa. Be prepared for loads of safari experiences in a game reserve that offers some of the highest biodiversity in South Africa & hosts the Big 5. In parallel, indulge yourself with plenty of resourcing time, unplugging from the digital world & reconnecting with your sense of belonging to Nature.

21 – 24 September 2022
Other dates available 
4 days / 5 nights – 8 participants
R15.500 or €920 / per person

- Retreat -

Art therapy retreat with Sophie Latron, Greater Kruger, SA

When Creation sublimates the Journey… Join art-therapist Sophie Latron, graduated of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Versailles, in the best game reserves of South Africa. Get to the core of your being, between creation and emotion… Surrounded by grandiose and colourful African landscapes…

What awaits : a 3 night walking safari, a 4 night stay at an intimate lodge in big 5 territory including game drives, art therapy sessions, group meditations, meaningful interactions with locals + 2 nights in a little safari hub town visiting the surroundings and local communities…

6 – 15 Oct 2022
10 days / 9 nights – 8 participants
3.290 € / per person
Special price until Sept.1st

- Retreat -

Hatha Yoga with Sandrine Bonduel, Okavango delta,
Tuli block, Botswana

A 100% WILD adventure : 4 days of mobile walking safari in the Okavango delta, 2 days of adventure crossing the renown Makgadikgadi pans, and 5 days of relaxation in a superb eco-friendly lodge. What awaits: rejuvenating walks, mokoro rides on the water, game drives, Hatha yoga sessions in unspoilt wilderness, authentic interactions with local communities, surrounded by breathtaking sceneries….

15 – 24 October 2022
10 days / 9 nights – 8 participants

- Retreat -

The Power of Presence

A 6 day meditation journey to help you recognise and lead from the power you already have within. Facilitated by Wolfgang Henckert, founder of the Dadirri Insitute of Healing & Higher counsciousness in Namibia. 

This holistic retreat is designed to implant a deep understanding and practical toolbox to bring more power and presence in your meditation practice and your life . At the core of this programme is self actualisation.


November 2022
6 days / 5 nights – 8 participants
R19.000 or €1.150 / per person
Upcoming journeys - Retreat

- Retreat -

Feel Good Yoga retreat with
Joanna La Gesse, SA

Join the Modern Goddess Yoga community – accept being just yourself !

Let Joanna guide you and pamper you with Feel Good, Vinyasa and Hatha yoga among other modalities ! Be marveled by spectacular walking and 4×4 safaris while practicing meditation, journaling, share sacred circles and learning about Joanna’s unique lunar calendar !

March 2023
Women only retreat
7 days / 6 nights – 8 participants

- Retreat -

A luxury, boutique African wellness retreat experience

Step into the healing power of nature with two beautiful souls, Banesa & Anesu from The Nest Yoga studio, as you will live and appreciate the present moment through kundalini, vinyasa, hatha and restorative yoga, breathing & meditation experiences. 

Drawing from the restorative energy of the African wilderness as well as the calming luxury of beautifully curated spaces, this retreat will provide holistic healing and connection to nature, connection to others and most profoundly, connection to Self.

April 2023
Details TBA 

- Retreat -

From Grief to Gratitude

When grief occurs, the part of our brain that processes emotions sometimes gets stuck and it is virtually impossible to talk or think your way out of it since that part of the brain does not respond to logical thinking. This is where Energy Psychology (EP) comes in. Join the most professional and caring EP practitioners on this 6 day profound healing journey using different powerful healing modalities, meditations and grounding techniques. 

June 2023
6 days / 5 nights – 8 participants
R22.500 or € 1.300 / per person

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