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At NC, we are fond of Ed Wilson and his valuable contribution to the scientific world.
The term biophilia was used by American psychoanalyst, Erich Fromm, in The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness (1973), which described biophilia as “the passionate love of life and of all that is alive.” 

The term was later used by American biologist, Ed Wilson, in his work – Biophilia (1984) – which proposed that the tendency of humans to focus on and to affiliate with nature and other life-forms has, in part, a genetic basis; essentially, there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems.

Biophilia is the deep urge to reconnect with the universal community of life. As a human species, we need to rethink and redesign our role and impact on Earth to avoid dramatic climate change and stop the dramatic biodiversity mass extinction. Biophilia must be the reason for the RE-set to happen – for the re-Generation that the world desperately needs.

Ed Wilson suggests that the need to relate to other life forms and natural processes is an essential and integral part of human development, and physical and mental growth. In other words, we have – on a genetic level – an innate urge to affiliate with other forms of life. We are social sentient beings in need of connections and belonging (hence Nature Connexion’s community of like-minded people…). Also, the human appreciation for the physical beauty of the natural world is often invoked as evidence of biophilia

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This hypothesis suggests that humans are innately attracted to nature. For example, a beautiful sunset – with its rich diversity of colours and warmth – is universally appreciated.

Regardless of the extent to which individuals feel or perceive biophilia, research has indicated that simply spending time in nature is beneficial for human health.

“Humanity is a biological species, living in a biological environment, because like all species, we are exquisitely adapted in everything: from our behaviour, to our genetics, to our physiology, to that particular environment in which we live. The earth is our home. Unless we preserve the rest of life, as a sacred duty, we will be endangering ourselves by destroying the home in which we evolved, and on which we completely depend.” – Ed Wilson 

At NC, we are committed to the principles of regenerative travel – collaborating with accommodation providers, parks, and reserves that are committed to preserve and restore the natural environment, including communities.

Healing power of nature

At NC, we believe that spending time in nature is essential to your physical and mental wellbeing. The cognitive benefits are clearly evident. Just by spending some time in nature, a person’s blood pressure and pulse improves remarkably. After an hour spent in nature, the symptoms of depression and anxiety have dramatic improvements.

Nature is a necessity to our lives and its therapeutic effects are vital to our wellbeing ­– an attention reset and a totally sensory immersive experience of which our body and mind needs. The emotional benefit of spending time in nature cannot be understated as your mind automatically relaxes when you become captivated with your natural surroundings.

There are no triggers to distract your thoughts, like in a bustling city, so your mind and attention have the perfect opportunity to reset with nature ­– lowering your stress levels naturally. That’s without even mentioning the physical effect of walking in nature – and grounding yourself – simply being one with the earth…just like those who join us on our walking safaris feel – uninhibited, focused, and at peace with oneself!

Sense of community and collaboration

We do need support from others in order to thrive and come into the fullness of our power – you can’t fully become yourself by yourself. Most of us have spent decades struggling in isolation – trying to let go of old patterns, and reveal our creativity and true self to the world.

Belonging to a community is an essential support mechanism that gives us the power we need to step into the purpose of our life. An incredibly fulfilling experience occurs when we come together in a powerful place – Nature – with a shared intention, like a retreat or workshop,  and a shared vision – Nature Connexion’s vision to be precise.

When committed groups of people set an intention together, they’re much more inclined to manifest what they’re focused on.

Let’s ground ourselves into Nature and reconnect with the parts of ourselves that got lost along the way – our childhood, innocence, and non-judgemental mind and heart.


 Let’s not kid ourselves – we don’t need to save nature – it will easily recover without our help. The reality is that we need nature, in essence, to save ourselves !

E. Wilson Biodiversity Laboratory at Gorongosa National Park – Mozambique

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We had the great privilege to visit Gorongosa National Park several times. Gorongosa is perhaps Africa’s greatest wildlife restoration project and a success story of Conservation and community (farming, education, health), science and regenerative tourism. The park had lost 90% of its wildlife during the civil war, but the damage has been restored through the work of the Carr Foundation. Today, Gorongosa is one the most bio-diverse places and offers dramatic geological features and spectacular settings.

Ed Wilson first arrived in Gorongosa in 2011 and quickly became a guiding light for the Gorongosa Restoration Project, advising the park’s science and conservation teams as they developed restoration objectives and plans.

Scientific research is an integral part of the long-term plan for the restoration of the Gorongosa ecosystem : its in-depth knowledge will help the Park’s management to make better decisions about its conservation. The “E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Laboratory” opened in March 2014 and placed Gorongosa as one of the most advanced research centres in Southern Africa. Ed also published a book about his discoveries and adventures in Gorongosa called “A Window on Eternity: A Biologist’s Walk Through Gorongosa National Park”.

Greg Carr, President of the Gorongosa Project and Ed’s friend wrote :
“Professor Wilson amplified his scientific understanding of life into a love of all living creatures and a respect for the dignity of all human beings. He taught all of us that self-awareness is a blessed wonder, the variety of living forms miraculous, and worship of Nature a spiritual activity.” 

Contact us to find more about the transformative retreats or workshops we can design for you at Gorongosa. We’ll be honoured to create a unique and life-changing experience that you will keep in your heart for ever…

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