What a Hatha Yoga Retreat looks like at Nature Connexion


With our beloved Hatha yoga teacher Sandrine Bonduel, we host retreats in the best Big 5 areas – regions of infinite scenic beauty with a great diversity of both natural and man-made attractions: a rich cultural heritage and an abundance of wildlife. Within some of the best conserved wilderness areas, lies the opportunity for a life-changing experience: to immerse oneself deep in nature, practise self-awareness and meditation, and the art of yoga in a safe and nurturing environment.

The retreat allows all yogis a profound (re)connection with themselves, the environment and local people, while being awed by Mother Nature. The safari camps and bush villas that we book all share ethical principles (eco-friendly, sustainable, regenerative) and are booked exclusively for the retreat. 

The group usually immerses itself straight into the bush, with an incredible 3-day walking safari experience led by some of the best guides in the country and the most reputable walking safari company. Sleeping under canvas at night is definitely part of the experience. 

Walking allows you to  appreciate the sights, sounds and smells of the bush … the smaller things are just  as exciting to behold as the bigger things, as you embrace  ecstatic moments of silence and plenitude among wildlife. 

After a coffee and a few rusks (bush biscuits!), your walking exploration of the savannah begins. A few goodies in your backpack to nibble on during your walk, your water bottle, your binoculars and a little notebook provided to you (you may want to tick the animals and birds seen along the way or write a few anecdotes of what is going on in your mind and heart….). The key is to remain curious and open to new experiences…

Participants are pampered with early or afternoon yoga session in the riverbed, close to a little pond, around a fire at night, at the foot of a tree, or in the middle of nowhere surrounded by elephant poop! Wherever the guides take them, Sandrine adapts her yoga classes to the energy of the elements surrounding her and draws inspiration from the natural world to find the words to guide her sessions in the most gentle and spiritual way…

Wandering safely among the Big 5* with experienced guides, just being in the present moment, is a very rewarding experience.

A campfire under the stars each night is the occasion to share all the sensory experiences the group has made during the day.

The retreat is followed by a few nights spent in more luxurious accommodation, with relaxing game drives and lavish vegetarian food prepared every  day. Yoga classes are held at the lodge, in the middle of the bush, with little surprises along the way…

A safari yoga experience would not be complete without spending time with locals (“local is lekker”, say South Africans !). At the end of the day, isn’t travel all about people and connections? 

Our retreats are also an invitation to share the humanity within us, connecting on a meaningful level with the local people.

Connect with yourself and your tribe

Participants make time in their day to reflect. Assimilate the shift they may experience from a yoga or meditation session or from simply being among the wilderness, by writing their thoughts or feelings in a journal.

What participants also learn is that TIME in Africa is a unique concept. In the bush, humans and other living beings adapt to the sunrise and sunset. African time…. 

Disconnect from your devices and rely on the sun and the necessities of your body to guide you through the day, adapt to the weather conditions and make the best of your day despite the circumstances. 

Flexibility and patience are two important qualities in African culture. During the course of this journey, the daily program adapts to the weather and the energy of the group. 

Communities and communion

It is in the intimate company of our fellow human beings that we find the most profound connections and meaningful experiences. This is especially true when we seek to connect with others whose life is much different than our own. Why not memorise a few words of the local dialect, ask questions to your guide or chat with the staff: they will have a myriad of info and anecdotes to share with you about the area and their culture.

Wake up to the multitude of bird songs, you will find how being in the quiet will increasingly bring you in tune and aligned with the rhythm of Nature. 

Appreciate how all your senses are being triggered by the unknown. Observe how that reality humbles you as you find yourself being integrated back into the fabric of nature, taking your place among other species as your rank and status is re-calibrated. 

 We cannot wait to start our next 10 days Hatha yoga retreat in Botswana, which will be happening soon. Discover the wonders of the Okavango, Makgadikgadi pans and the well-guarded secrets of Tuli block….

Contact us to find more about the transformative retreats or workshops we can design for you. We’ll be honoured to create a unique and life-changing experience that you will keep in your heart for ever…

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