Introducing Nature Connexion

Why participate or hold your retreat or workshop quest in the city when you can experience it out in spectacular wilderness settings ?!

Tourism is reigniting and we have recently launched our collection of ecologically conscious retreats & workshops in the great wilderness areas of Southern Africa. Prepare yourself for breathtaking safari adventures, genuine interaction with local communities and leisured relaxing in quiet bush camps or comfortable lodges as you allow the power of nature to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit.

  • If you are a FACILITATOR, Nature Connexion will help you put together a workshop or retreat powered by nature, with all travel, booking and accommodation details taken care of.
  • As a PARTICIPANT, we have our own community of diverse retreat and workshop facilitators if you need someone to lead your group.
    Also, be assured that our travel opportunities are firmly based on the principles of transformational and regenerative tourism, which aims to give back to nature as much as it receives. Nature needs you as much as you need it !
Dandelions - Nature Connexion

The whisper of the dandelion…

In nature, you connect to your heart wisdom and to your delightful inner child – that little one you have not seen in so many years…. The inner child is the essence of lightness, playfulness, and magic, just like the humble dandelion that we have chosen as our symbol. Look how the bees delight in the yellow flowers that dot the fields; observe how the children chase after the floating seeds to make a wish !

Dandelions are playful, and they are also hardy; they will grow anywhere. They have been used for thousands of years for medicine and nourishment. Call them weeds if you like. Nevertheless, if you blow on the puffball you will find out if your true love loves you back and how many children you will have. Just try it. The dandelion always has a message, it says : “Don’t give up, keep on dreaming, make a wish !”. 
This is the spirit of lightness and hope that animates us at Nature Connexion. We know that life can get heavy and the problems can seem endless… We also know that if you come out into the great wilderness and meet some new friends (animal and human) you can count on and you will gain new perspectives to support you on your journey.

Nature is the healer

Through mindful wilderness retreats and workshops, we create a safe space for participants to recapture that sense of childhood possibility and hope. As humans, we have a deep natural connection to the elements, to the plants and wildlife that surround us – we are genetically and socially designed to interact and be close to other living or sentient beings in nature.

Without this, we lose our way and forget our part in a greater whole. Nature is the ultimate healer, facilitator and mirror of the soul. It’s time to reconnect. So pack your bags, make the journey, and come walk with us in the African bush as a warm and fragrant breeze carries away your concerns and a brilliant carmine sunset rekindles your dreams and deepest aspirations within… 

Be well and take care of yourself,

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